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Hasty Sign Builders


One of these signs was put up hastily.


So you admit it then…

Change our minds about what? How much you suck?



Whatchyo step, fool!


I wasn’t sure what this sign meant until I realized that was an umbrella on the top…then I was positive I didn’t know what this sign meant.

Crazy Animals


A hotel room down the hall from mine…


Is this sign really necessary? If there is a fire and you don’t know what this is, you’re f’ed anyway.


Considering you can’t afford to make a decent photocopy of your beloved rabbit, I don’t think that your reward is going to match the value of my 4  newly acquired lucky rabbit feet.

Unnecessary warning


This was right next to the “Warning Flat Surface Ahead” sign.

Wacky Signz

This is my kind of town, it really says: “howdy friend! welcome to town, I won’t give you the shirt off MY back, but I will set YOURS on fire!”

Silly Platez

Several thoughts come to mind:

1. I saw the behemouth driving this car and YOU, ma’am, are not the woman from those Axe commercials.

2. Are you proposing a TV show like the popular “Ax Men”? I hope not, for I do not think you could wield a chainsaw so steadily.

3. Should you really be supporting violence against women with such crude objects?


I’d use caution if I knew what this meant.

Can you hear me now?

I thought Verizon had surpassed AT&T, but I guess they’re not as well off as we thought.

(Nice touch with the redo on the “E” btw…looks like Verizon wanted to perfect the sign)

Bored Maintenance Worker?



Sarah Palin reference in a wet paint sign? Now I’ve seen everything.

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