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Hasty Sign Builders


One of these signs was put up hastily.



Nothin’ weird here…

Tummy Tickler

I guess I’m a pervert, because the term “Tummy Tickler” has a VERY different connotation to me.


We get it. You have lots of children and pets.

Thanks to Rob McDonald for the find!


After seeing the original, “Flubber” the world clamored for more, but their prayers went unanswered….until now.

License Plates

You seem bitter…

Not Beanie Babies

I understand that for some strange reason Beanie Babies were absurdly popular and valuable in the last in the last 15 years, but I really doubt lightning is going to strike twice for you TY.

Why, Joel McHale? Why?

Joel, I know Jessical Alba is hot and everything, but you had so much street cred. I guess TV doesn’t pay as well as it should.

Herbert The Pervert

Herbert Original

Hey everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Herbert The Pervert and I’m a contributor to this blog. I’m also a tee-ball coach, CYO Basketball Ref and who could forget my day job, icecream man. I look forward to sharing in my many adventures with all of you…and my candy, which I have lots of in my van.

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