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Hey everyone. The guys and I have been working hard to bring you new content every day. As I’m you’ve seen with “The Cake”, we’re trying to get more video content up each week too. We just shot a new one and should have it up next week.

Also, the site will be going through a bit of a redesign this weekend, so if you check it at all it may look a little weird.

That’s it for now. Take it sleazy.




“Celebrity” Birthday!

Happy Birthday to friend of the site and a fantastic stand up comedian, Will Noonan. You share your birthday with Hugh Jackman, from the movie “Australia.”

If you’re in the Boston area, go see one of his shows. I did and look at me now.

100 Posts

Wow. 100 posts already. Thanks so much for all your support. Every weekday we’re going to keep putting up new content and we’ve kicked into overdrive to bring you more videos. Like us here on facebook if you don’t already. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite posts (in no particular order)

Our Top 10 So Far

  1. I don’t care what it’s suppose to look like

  2. Heavy water or weak employee?

  3. Cereal

  4. Liar of the Week: Papa John

  5. I’d Do Her

  6. I’m Sold

  7. Q and A

  8. Is this a deal?

  9. Good Try

  10. For what possible reason?


It's alive!

We’re creating a monster and will soon release it unto the world. Chances are the topics that will be covered here are awkward situations, sports, porn, shark week and bizarre combinations of them all. I most look forward to the contributions from Ron The Elk and Herbert The Pervert.

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