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I’m Sold (bacon popcorn)

By 2 get one free angioplasty.


Had me fooled…

It’s not?…cuz it really REALLY looks like one…


Great, now all I have to do is convince the country club to stay open after dark! That’s the easy part.

What’ll they think of next?

My question is what took so long? Everyone knows the optimum viewing distance from your computer monitor is 30 feet. I’ve just never had a mouse with a long enough cable to reach that far. Problem solved!

I’m Sold (Lotion Applicator)

I originally intended to make fun of this product…but it actually seems pretty reasonable. And buy one get one?! You can’t beat that.

That being said, I noticed two things:

1. Why would someone be putting massage oils on themselves?

2. No matter what the context, the word “applicator” sounds gross.

I’m Sold (Floor Mat)

Only $119.99 so I can lay on my floor? It does have “wellness” in the title. I’m sold.

I’m Sold (Grenade Microphone)

Nothing says, “take my band serious” quite like singing into a grenade.

I’m Sold


The guys that make this must have used the same marketing team as the “Fancy Cashews” people.

I’m Sold

Thank god this has finally hit the market. Too long have casual Bocce games been held back by the “night.”

I’m Sold

Do people even still play this? Also, I was under the impression this game was free. Last, who is going to be pumped to have this fall out of a birthday card?

I’m Sold

Sauna Pants – I genuinely can’t imagine a scenario in which I wouldn’t need these.

Is this a deal?


I have no idea what the going rate is for “Falconry Experience” is but I assume $50 is a deal. Looks like 249 people are going to be updating their resumes pretty soon!

I’m Sold

It’s not like going fishing is a time consuming commitment or anything. It’s totally practical to keep a fishing rod on you “just in case.”

Gag gift


A top seller? Do people still buy gag gifts? Can this even be considered a gag? Also, how many uses can a bottle of liquid have? Unlimited? Do they even know what that word means?

I’m Sold

As a video professional I didn’t think you could get more high definition than sight. To my delight, the good people at CVS have proved me wrong again.

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