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Radiohead fan

See the sticker? (thanks to Ashley for the pic!)




I love you…back off.

So you admit it then…

Change our minds about what? How much you suck?

Tummy Tickler

I guess I’m a pervert, because the term “Tummy Tickler” has a VERY different connotation to me.

Gotta Catch’em All

I have to give credit to my cousin Charlene for this one. I’m impressed that some part of UMass Amherst still has some innocence to it….and yes, adorable vandalism is considered innocence out there.

Low Battery?

I thought the symbol for a dead battery was the phone not turning on.

Family favorite

Well we know who the parents love the most…

Miserable Building

Welcome to the Hadar Building. Here, we Hadar jobs, we Hadar wives and we Hadar lives.

Is it just me?

or does this sound suspiciously like a genetic experiment?

Had me fooled…

It’s not?…cuz it really REALLY looks like one…

Wait seriously!?


So…should I reschedule?

Or are we still able to do my physical even though someone drove their car through the waiting room…of the medical building…which has a very small parking lot…and no real place to gather enough speed to not see the building and have plenty of time to apply the brakes…but enough space to drive right into the waiting room…

…you know what I’ll just come back later.

Parking (Again)

Come on man really? Not even close!


Risqué marketing

“I’m sexually awkward” was probably too straight forward…

Election Season

First things first: You can’t elect a King. Second: Say what you will about Jesus, there is no arguing that he’s been dead for 2000 years. I think I’ll just stick with writing in “Aquaman” like I usually do.

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