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2 great kids?? Let us be the judges of that.

License Plates


You said it, not me…

License Plates


I hate this guy.

Licence Plate (GREECE)

This car must have terrible fuel economy….see what I did there?

Sexist Car Pairing



License Plates (Viewer Submission)


First of all, we know it’s a Lexus. We see your car.

Secondly, why put a “1” after “Lexus”? To make us think you have a fleet of them back home? “I think I’ll take ‘Lexus3’ today.” Idiot.

(Thanks to Ashley F. for the photo! Submit your own to RBC at

License Plate (TTLTOWN)

So I’m assuming this means “Title Town.” Apparently you can either like sports OR geography in New Hampshire. Not both.

Drinking and Driving


License Plate (El Sox)

How do you say “epic collapse” in Spanish?


License Plate (IMBART)

I wonder what this guy’s name is…



What a douche.

License Plate (Squirrels…)

What could your involvement with squirrels possibly be to need the license plate so bad that you’ll accept it misspelled? I’m concerned…

Mr. Music

This guy is either a music teacher or the lamest super-villain in the world.

Since when…

…can you have a freaking lightning bolt on you plate?

What can we assume…

…about someone that has a vanity plate reading “FIDLSTX”?


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