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Craigslist (Swing Set)

Rusted and missing bolts? So what. Its been overly used the kiddos in this guy’s family. It’s gotta be good.


Craigslist (Economy)

Seriously, how bad is the economy in Kuwait? I mean, what kind of fiscal situation is this guy in where he’s up 1 pencil holder but short a spoon. Dude needs to get his priorities straight.

The assist goes to AlexanderTheGreek for finding this too.





Well, he came to the right place to find something sketchy…Craigslist.





This is perfect! I’ve always wanted to get rich, but I hate being rushed.

Viewer Submission

Good thing you specified that you “Did not want access to my home.” Otherwise I would have thought you were crazy.

Also, thanks to Jason Walsh, one of our viewers, for sending this in. Great work!


I am educate. I intelligent. I search nice girl. ;)


At least he’s honest.


You had me at “173 m long”.


No comment.

Craigslist (Free Dirt)

Seeing this ad on Craigslist brings to mind so many questions:

  1. Why would someone go on Craigslist to find dirt for free?
  2. How does someone end up with over 10 tons of dirt?
  3. How can dirt be clean?
  4. Is that a stock photo of dirt or is that the real thing?
  5. Is the dirt located at the park or is the park made of this dirt?
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