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I’ll take my chances


Be stuck in an airport bathroom with a hundred people or risk getting swept away by a tornado? I think I’ll take the latter.


Late to the game


Whoopie Pie or Rice Krispey Treats? Which “new item” should I buy? I wonder what they taste like!

Unnecessary warning


This was right next to the “Warning Flat Surface Ahead” sign.

Yeah, it’s that bad


This lovely gem caught my eye the other day. I seemed to be late to the game here as this film was released in 2009 but, I’ll assume this one slipped under almost everyone’s radar.

Of course after just looking at the title and DVD cover I had already come to a conclusion in my mind about the quality of this flick. After a few hours I became curious to see if my prediction was correct.

I refused to actually waste 90 minutes of my life but I felt I could spare enough time for the trailer. I am now able to officially declare the parody genre in film dead.

What is it?


This slogan begs so many questions. Is the bag big? Is the bag delivered by an actual gorilla? Perhaps it’s made of gorilla. Are there other size bags with animal names?

“Not So” Bad Reviews


Is this a deal?


I have no idea what the going rate is for “Falconry Experience” is but I assume $50 is a deal. Looks like 249 people are going to be updating their resumes pretty soon!

Gag gift


A top seller? Do people still buy gag gifts? Can this even be considered a gag? Also, how many uses can a bottle of liquid have? Unlimited? Do they even know what that word means?

Not deep enough!


Not deep enough! I want it down to my belly button!

I’m Sold


I was on the fence about the socks until I noticed the bag was resealable!

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