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I’m Sold (bacon popcorn)

By 2 get one free angioplasty.



I love you…back off.

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Licence Plate (GREECE)

This car must have terrible fuel economy….see what I did there?

I’m No Baker…

…but that’s definitely not RED.

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Nothin’ weird here…

License Plate (TTLTOWN)

So I’m assuming this means “Title Town.” Apparently you can either like sports OR geography in New Hampshire. Not both.

Tummy Tickler

I guess I’m a pervert, because the term “Tummy Tickler” has a VERY different connotation to me.

License Plate (El Sox)

How do you say “epic collapse” in Spanish?



Probably not the best business decision naming your company something that is universally used as a fake name…that is of course assuming this is a real dumpster.

Caption Contest

Gotta Catch’em All

I have to give credit to my cousin Charlene for this one. I’m impressed that some part of UMass Amherst still has some innocence to it….and yes, adorable vandalism is considered innocence out there.

License Plate (IMBART)

I wonder what this guy’s name is…

Low Battery?

I thought the symbol for a dead battery was the phone not turning on.

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