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Next Academy Award Winner….

On top of having the star attraction being Richard Karn, this movie also, believe it or not has the worst dialogue ever.


Here’s the scene set up.  Read the rest of this entry



In the back seat was a young boy with a label reading “Child” plastered to his forehead

Prepare to get blown away

Not the first thing I was expecting with this name tag, probably not the second or third either, maybe top 10 though


I’ve got a pregnant,nagging wife, crippling debt, and AIDS.  Still get rid of ANYTHING?

Dustin Diamond, Aisle 10

They were fresh out of Jersey Shore cast members


Considering you can’t afford to make a decent photocopy of your beloved rabbit, I don’t think that your reward is going to match the value of my 4  newly acquired lucky rabbit feet.

Stairway to Heaven?

Giving new meaning to the term “high drop”

Wanna Party?

It would seem that 7-11 is now promoting S&M style wax burnings

Intimate Lighting?

So I noticed this lighting at a bar and just hoped that females also noticed it…seems like pretty subtle dong lighting if you ask me.

Wacky Signz

This is my kind of town, it really says: “howdy friend! welcome to town, I won’t give you the shirt off MY back, but I will set YOURS on fire!”

Nice Try Chris

Call me old fashioned but I think the phrase “Ultra Premium” should only be used to describe condoms and cigarettes.

Silly Platez

Several thoughts come to mind:

1. I saw the behemouth driving this car and YOU, ma’am, are not the woman from those Axe commercials.

2. Are you proposing a TV show like the popular “Ax Men”? I hope not, for I do not think you could wield a chainsaw so steadily.

3. Should you really be supporting violence against women with such crude objects?

Why Do You Exist?

No one has worn fur since WWII and a box is merely an instrument for storing objects, so tell me Robert, why does your establishment exist?

Liar of the Week: Papa John

I don’t even know where to begin with this guy.  First of all Mr. John H. Schnatter, I do not believe you are a grandfather.  Now I don’t know that you have to be a grandfather to be called “Papa” but this is not the 1920s or an orphanage.  To boot you don’t even look like a grandfather, you have a luscious head of dark black hair.  A “Papa” must, by definition, have white hair or none at all, look it up. You’ve made the commitment. Keep Reading.

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