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Hasty Sign Builders


One of these signs was put up hastily.


Radiohead fan

See the sticker? (thanks to Ashley for the pic!)


So you admit it then…

Change our minds about what? How much you suck?

Family favorite

Well we know who the parents love the most…

Lucky me!

In soviet Russia, true love finds YOU!


Is it just me?

or does this sound suspiciously like a genetic experiment?

Had me fooled…

It’s not?…cuz it really REALLY looks like one…

Wait seriously!?


So…should I reschedule?

Or are we still able to do my physical even though someone drove their car through the waiting room…of the medical building…which has a very small parking lot…and no real place to gather enough speed to not see the building and have plenty of time to apply the brakes…but enough space to drive right into the waiting room…

…you know what I’ll just come back later.

Parking (Again)

Come on man really? Not even close!


Risqué marketing

“I’m sexually awkward” was probably too straight forward…

Caption Contest


Leave your captions in the comments section below!

License Plate (Squirrels…)

What could your involvement with squirrels possibly be to need the license plate so bad that you’ll accept it misspelled? I’m concerned…

Valid Currency?

I wonder if AT&T will accept my payment of 67 wink face kisses instead of U.S. dollars?

May be dangerous…

Do you have any idea how long I’ve been trying to find a way to drive and watch the game at the same time? Thank you DirecTV!

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