License Plates (Viewer Submission)


First of all, we know it’s a Lexus. We see your car.

Secondly, why put a “1” after “Lexus”? To make us think you have a fleet of them back home? “I think I’ll take ‘Lexus3’ today.” Idiot.

(Thanks to Ashley F. for the photo! Submit your own to RBC at


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  1. If you like what the plate means and you want to by it from the license plate owner, you can run a license plate search and do a reverse license plate lookup at to find the owner to contact them. USRECORDSEARCH.COM performs a licenseplatelookup. At US Record Search, click on licenseplatesearch. You can also trace a plate to see who the owner of the plate is so you can contact them to report someone’s driving, such as their kids or employee.

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