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I never ate cashews until last year. They were good, but didn't live up to the hype.

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  1. How come no one gives a shit why I’m crossing?

  2. …grumble.. mothafucking bus drivers won’t stop for no turkey. That’s some fucked up shit…I could report that mothafucker…

    (see also Angry Birds)

  3. Edwards plot to steal his neighbors Snoopy flag had entered phase one: release the turkey!

  4. I’m drunk, i’m gonna call a cab

  5. I find these strolls through the neighborhood take my mind off the fact that all my friends and family were recently killed, stuffed with herbs, and then eaten.

  6. Is it safe to come out yet? i still smell stuffing and cranberry sauce…

  7. Obviously, if hes drunk its Wild Turkey? … no?

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