Next Academy Award Winner….

On top of having the star attraction being Richard Karn, this movie also, believe it or not has the worst dialogue ever.


Here’s the scene set up.  The team’s hockey star hates the idea of playing with a chimp (Jack).  He is in the locker room having a heart to heart phone call with his wife who lives far away.  He misses his family.  He looks over and notices a photo of Jack and another monkey presumed to be his brother.  Queue the sad music.  As he holds the photo Jack walks into the locker room out of the shower wearing a towel:

Hockey Player: “Is this your family?”

Jack: Nods because chimps can’t frigging talk

Hockey Player: “I just never thought about a chimp having a family before.  Hey Jack, what are you up to tonight?”

Jack: No response

The scene changes and Jack and the hockey player are in a diner bonding over a couple of chocolate shakes.  The best worst dialogue in a movie ever complete with giant plot holes, whimsical humor, and Richard Karn as a pedophile skateboard shop owner.


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