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  1. You know, I can get a discount at Orange Julius AND Cinnabon…That’s right. Both.

  2. If you girls steal again, ill turd in all of your vaginas.

  3. And that was the last known whereabouts of Ted the security guard.

  4. “Calm down, the store will be opening momentarily and there are enough ‘Zookeeper’ DVDs for everyone.”

  5. Eh, whatever Heather! Your boyfriend can’t even drive yet. And so what if he’s “just” a Mall Security Guard. At least I know there is no way he is cheating on me at work because he looks way too pathetic in this uniform.

  6. “So, have you girls seen the new Twilight movie yet? It’s awesome, right? Got to see it for free… Yeah, my buddy that guards the theater got me in… Yeah.”

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