Dumbass of the week!


I was driving by this lady getting out of her car and thought to myself, “I MUST document this for the sake of comedy.”

Here’s a lady that went to a drive-up ATM the wrong way, parked, then got out of her car to use said ATM.

Couple things now…


Notice the word “EXIT” with an arrow pointing the OPPOSITE way that she had to DRIVE OVER to get to the ATM. Also, we know that in America, the driver side is on the left of a vehicle. Therefore, if you want to access something out your driver side window, you must approach so that said object is on your left…

ALSO NOTE the crooked angle at which she parked, almost as if in her last moments she said to herself “uh oh, what’s wrong here…oh, I’m too far away, lemme get a little closer!”…by turning toward the ATM.

It’s people like this that ensure me that we, as a species, are just hopeless…


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  1. It looks like she may have mistaken it for a Drive Up Hamburger Dispenser and paniced in her craving state, …. hey it could happen!

  2. SomeF*ckingJerk

    This just blew my mind.

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