Wanna Party?

It would seem that 7-11 is now promoting S&M style wax burnings


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  1. This is just weird, I was at a Mobil on the Run this morning and a guy in front of me asked “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to have birthday candles would you?” and the lady said, “yup, we do in fact!”. She walks over to get them and they were right under the condoms and I thought to myself “I really hope no one ever accidentally grabs the wrong box…”.

  2. Makes sense to me, both can get blown by drunk chicks on their birthday.

  3. Atleast they have the neosporin handy.

  4. Nothing says Birthday Party than candles and making twisty animlas for the kiddies out of blown up condoms.

    Yes I particularly like that the Neosporin, Blistex,Chapstick and Im sure there Herpesin are consolidated for that rush in- rush out purchase.
    You need to understand , Crack Whores are on a schedule and can’t waste time ‘shopping’ Well Done Convenient Store, well done!

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