Hole in the Floor (Episode 2)

Where did she go? Is she sick? Did she get fired? Did her long time boyfriend, get in too deep with the Russians, so they kidnapped her and held her for ransom and now its up to him to find the strength inside to take on the criminal underworld, rescue her and become a more complete person?….or maybe she was in the bathroom.

Also see Hole In the Floor Ep. 1


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  1. I must say it’s a little creepy that this girl has no idea that you can see her….

  2. Hopefully she isn’t Facebook friends with anyone that posted a link to the page…

  3. The most logical senario is she is a mutant and her power is turning invisible when

  4. People are creeping on her. God damn posting from my phone. Hit publish by accident before I was done. No “are you sure” box? Get real wordpress.

  5. …just make sure, while you peering through and looking for her,…. that she isn’t behind you with one of those battle hammers, as seen in Braveheart, ready to bash your head through the peep hole!

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