Caption Contest


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  1. Training for the strong man competition starts early for little Olaf Yurgenson. Seen here with his trainer preparing for the tractor pull.

  2. Let me have a whack at it.

    What a rookie this guy is. If you want to go fishing for pedophiles you need two things. First you have to get the urban camo kid leash. And second, sexy kids.

  3. For some reason I always just assumed we’d stay away from saying “sexy kids” on the site. I don’t know. I guess I was just in denial.

  4. Give him a break… The Kid obviously has a type of little boy he finds sexy, and this ugly ginger cunt doesn’t do it for him.

    I’m sorry. Its getting weird now.

  5. WOW… I had a cutsie comment but thats totally void now….I need a cleansing shower to recoup.

  6. Nothing says ‘Fatherhood” like taking your kid on his hands and knees, leashed walk on a splinter ridden deck!!
    At least we didn’t see the picture of him taking the kid out of the washing machine on bath night. Ahhh the future looks SO PROMISING……

  7. Sit baby….SIT

  8. As soon as this baby was born, this man’s allegations that his wife had been sleeping with clifford were confirmed

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