I hate people who drive motorcycles

I won’t even look once

Want me to tell you what I hate more than people who drive motorcycles? People who put bumper stickers on their car just so you know that they also drive a motorcycle. Let me just say this to start, guys on motorcylces are fucking assholes. Plain and simple. A good 90% of these guys are just playing out some childhood fantasy about being in a motorcycle gang or some bullshit. This is pure speculation on my part since I truthfully don’t know what the appeal is.  What I do know is that I would rather pluck each one of my ball hairs individually with a pair of pliers than associate with these ass clowns.But, what truly irks me is that these, “rev my engine”, “wanna be tough guy”, 2 inch penis having morons feel that it is their god given right to weave their way through traffic as if rules of the road don’t exist. Well let me tell you needle dicks this one thing, and don’t ever forget this. If you want to ride your motorcycle like you are playing a game of road rash on sega genesis, then don’t whine and cry like pussies on a bumper sticker for other people to look out for you. Ok? When one of you ass pirates gets clipped, the only person I feel bad for is the person who hit you. Surcharges are ridiculous when you kill somebody. Just know that it is an everyday struggle for me not to jerk the wheel at you dinks everytime you swerve in between two lanes feeling like the rules don’t apply to you. And in this I know I am not alone. But we don’t go around putting it on a bumper sticker feeling sorry for ourselves, cowards.


About the kid

I am the fucking man.

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  1. i just read this and had the urge to run over a guy on a bike! there is nothing i hate more then a fucking guy whipping up the inside lane cause he doesnt feel like waiting in traffic! ohhhh i love the freedom!! go fuck yourself!

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