With football back in the conversation, sports radio has gone wild with plenty of talk and speculation on scenarios that never happened or probably never will happen. I definitely feel like they missed an important question though.


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  1. The Little Giants only played in one game where they got lucky and them merged with the other (better) team who undoubtedly ran the ship from there on out. Plus they were only 12 years old.

    Sentinels barely squeaked into the playoffs and then were all subsequently fired.

    Miami sharks made it to the Pantheon Cup and lost unbeknownst to the audience, since it was never actually shown. Sure they had L.T. but lets face it the man was one concussion away from death and probably died at some point in the conference title game against Minnesota. Not to mention having L.L. Cool J start over Jim Brown who was on the sidelines is just a terrible personnel move.

    Thus leaving only 2 teams to choose from…

    The Coyotes of West Canaan High School, from Varsity Blues who pulled their season out of the ashes after losing their all-state QB. Then going on to win the state title without the guidance of their coach. Nothing wins the “greatest ever” argument quite like titles.

    But alas, if I had to make my pick, I’m going with my gut here and staying in Texas with… The Allenville Penitentiary Convicts from The Longest Yard. Heisman winning QB Paul Crewe out of Oklahoma teaming up with Michael Irving, and Nelly (who was at one time in his life an all state running back in Missouri). Not to mention 2 beasts on the line in, 6′ 4″ 350lbs Bob Sapp and 7′ 3″ 420lbs Dalip Singh Rana… Ohh yeah and Bill Goldberg This team was able to beat the odds and win despite referees and poor practice conditions. Not to mention their coach was Burt Reynolds… nuff said.

    Does my argument have flaws… sure. But ask yourself this…

    I got nothing.

  2. I think that play is illegal in all 50 states …except Arkansas.

    Yet notice he never, ever dropped the ball! Thats concentration.

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