Why, Joel McHale? Why?

Joel, I know Jessical Alba is hot and everything, but you had so much street cred. I guess TV doesn’t pay as well as it should.


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I never ate cashews until last year. They were good, but didn't live up to the hype.

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  1. Gotta disagree with you here. Let me just give you the short list of movies that I would star in just to get to stand next to jessica alba on a poster.
    1. Dude, Where’s my car 2? I seriously would do that.
    2. The prequel to Gigli. Who knows what the hell its about? Who cares?
    3. Some kind of spin off from The Talented Mr. Ripley. Easily the worst movie ever made and I am willing to star in even a remake of it.
    Bottom line. You leave Joel Mchale, Hal Sparks, and John Henson to their own devices. They are just doing what any one of us would do with their fame. Trying to nail as many hot chics as possible before it fades.

  2. I stand corrected.

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