This is a photo of two deer I ran into on my daily, morning bike ride. As a person that lives in a city and a child of technology, I don’t get see this kind of thing very often, so it was pretty special. At this very moment I was struck with feelings of awe and respect for the dazzling beauty of nature. I didn’t proceed right away out of fear they would charge, so I waited a few minutes and then approached slowly. They ran away before I got too close.”

The following morning on  my next ride I stumbled upon another deer in the same spot and I thought to myself, “Jesus, another deer. Alright, we get it. Deer live in the forest. Nature is beautiful and whatever. I gotta get to work.”

Unlike his friends, the deer didn’t move right away so I had to whip a rock near him (I did not hit him with the rock or intend to). He ran away.


About RyMo

I never ate cashews until last year. They were good, but didn't live up to the hype.

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  1. Mrplaidbanana

    The only thing missing from this unbelievably blurry picture is Bigfoot, the lochness monster and a u.f.o. Jesus Christ, wipe the Vaseline from your lens!

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